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Wisdom teeth are your third molar teeth that grow in at the back of your mouth anytime from 15 years of age. Most people will have 4 wisdom teeth (2 top and 2 bottom), you may be lucky and have less than 4, or be one of the few people who don’t have any.

Wisdom teeth are more and more commonly becoming impacted. This means they become stuck on the neighbouring teeth, gums or jaw, preventing them from growing in the correct position, resulting in problems.

Your problems may include: pain, swelling, bad breath, infection, damage to other teeth or nerves, gum disease, tooth movement or dental crowding, and in rare cases cysts or tumours.

Often you will not experience any symptoms until significant damage has already been done.

The earlier wisdom teeth are assessed by a dentist trained in their removal, the lower the risks of the surgery, the faster healing, and better health outcomes.

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Wisdom Teeth Removal FAQs

Removal of impacted wisdom teeth is one of our advanced dental services we are passionate about. Relieving patients from pain and also preventing future problems is key to our belief in oral health.

Dr Jordan is a highly experienced dental surgeon having removed thousands of wisdom teeth with extensive surgical training in NZ and Australia.

Over 95% of your wisdom teeth can be removed safely and comfortably right here at Beyond Dental.

If you are still unsure about your wisdom teeth or want to know more gives us a call on 07 987 2825

The cost of wisdom teeth removal varies based on how many teeth and the complexity of your case. It is important to note that while removing all 4 wisdom teeth may have a higher upfront cost, it is likely to be much more cost effective over time.

You can find Our Fees here. At Beyond Dental, wisdom teeth removal starts from $250 per tooth. Package removal of all 4 impacted wisdom teeth including IV sedation is usually $2600.

You will be provided with an accurate financial quote after customised treatment planning is completed, and you have selected your preferred option.

Not everyone must remove all their wisdom teeth. Occasionally you may have enough space and good alignment of the teeth, however it is much more common for wisdom teeth to cause problems or require removal to prevent future problems. Removing all 4 wisdom teeth at one time is often the most efficient and cost-effective approach (single surgery, single recovery time, less time off work/university/school, and lowest fees).

You can expect to feel better within a few days. Recovery varies from person to person (for example younger patients recover faster as often the surgery is less complex with the body fit and healthy). We recommend you plan for a minimum of 2 days off your feet at home. You will be on a soft food diet for up to one week. It is normal to be swollen and tender, with discomfort for this period. We will provide you with all the medications to assist in a swift recovery alongside all the aftercare instructions and support to get you back to good health.

The removal of wisdom teeth typically takes between 30 to 60 minutes. This will vary depending on your case complexity and number of teeth being removed. Commonly the surgical removal of 4 impacted wisdom teeth with IV sedation is a 90-minute visit to our office including preparation and aftercare.

No, you will not feel pain during the wisdom tooth removal. We use local anesthetics to numb the area for all wisdom tooth removal. Most of our patients also have IV sedation (sleep dentistry) for their wisdom tooth removal where they will not remember the visit at all. If you elect to not be sedated for the procedure, you may feel mild pressure, vibrations, pulling sensations with buzzing noises but no pain.

Removing any impacted wisdom teeth as early as possible sets you up for a less complex surgery with faster recovery, lowest costs and lowest risk of surgical complications.

It is also the best approach for minimising problems like: toothache, infection, root canal or extraction of neighbouring teeth or teeth moving after orthodontic treatment.

Wisdom tooth removal can be a complex dental procedure. Not all dentists are trained in performing this specialised treatment. They may insist on your referral to an oral maxillofacial surgeon for even routine procedures.

Ask us about a free second opinion.

A comprehensive clinical and x-ray examination will allow us to provide a personalised assessment of your wisdom teeth. Over 95% of impacted wisdom teeth can be removed inhouse, onsite by our highly trained dental surgeon.

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