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I want to know more about Family Dentistry, please!

Family dentistry is about dental care for all stages of life from infants to the elderlies. Mum and Dad can often leave themselves until last, yet it is very important for you to set a good example for the family too.

Family dentistry is often called “Children’s Dentistry” due to the special focus on your children’s’ and teenagers’ oral health. The importance of a family dentist for your kids and teens is to ensure optimal oral health and confidence at the dentist.

We believe in prevention, regular maintenance to identify potential issues early and provide minimally invasive treatments while building good habits, setting your children up for a lifetime of good teeth.

What are the options for my child?


I have a child from age 0 to Year 8

Free dental care is provided at school or mobile dental clinics by the oral health therapist; however you may be referred to a private dentist for specific treatments

You can pay private fees if you prefer your child to see the dentist at a dental practice


I have a teenager in Year 9 to under 18 years of age

Free dental care is provided at registered private dental practices by either a dentist or oral health therapist. You child needs to be enrolled with the practice. This excludes orthodontics, whitening and most wisdom teeth removal which will incur appropriate private fees.


My child has had an accident

ACC will cover the fees to see a dentist at a dental practice. It is important to see a dentist ASAP to ensure ideal results and to register the injury with ACC.


Does my child need orthodontic treatment or braces?

The gold standard of orthodontic care is a consultation before age 8 to assess your child and plan if treatment may be required and when is the best time to start. Private fees apply for all orthodontic associated care.

Family Dentistry FAQs

You can call the national information help line 0800 TALK TEETH (0800 825 583) or visit for more information about your children’s’ free dental care in New Zealand. ACC eligibility information can be found by visiting

At Beyond Dental, we are a registered ACC Dental Clinic and have an official contract with the DHB/MoH to provide children’s dentistry.

If you are still unsure about which options of family dentistry will suit your needs best or to enroll your child, call us on 07 987 2825

If your child is involved in contact sports, a well-fitting mouthguard can reduce the impact on the teeth, minimising damages or trauma. Boil and bite mouthguards brought over-the-counter are good for younger children who are growing quickly or are still in the mixed stage of baby and adult teeth as they are cheaper and can be remolded. A custom fit mouthguard can be made by your dentist and is a step up from an over-the-counter mouthguard as it provides much more protection; this is recommended once orthodontic treatment is completed or once all permanent teeth have grown in.

All children will require regular check ups and x-rays to assess the teeth alongside fluoride applications and oral hygiene instructions. Professional cleaning and polishing is common to prevent gum and tooth problems. Some children may require fillings, fissure sealants, baby tooth extractions, or more rarely root canals and adult tooth extractions.

All children should be seen at least once per year by a registered oral health therapist or dentist. The benefits of this include: building confidence for your child in visiting the dentist and a trusting relationship with your dentist; regular checks have been shown to reduce the amount of invasive dental procedures and improve oral health outcomes for children throughout the formative years and into adulthood.

A comprehensive dental assessment including x-rays will be provided and an appropriate level of cleaning or polishing. Any questions you or your child may have will be addressed. A thorough discussion of your child’s current needs and dental future will be advised. Some treatments may be performed on the day when indicated and if time permits, otherwise follow up appointments will be scheduled as required.

For the initial consultation appointment, it is highly encouraged for a parent/guardian to attend with your child. This helps immensely when visiting a new place, ensuring a great experience, completing the registration process, understanding the oral health status and needs of your child while consenting to any future treatments required.

Many children are happy to return to the dental practice by themselves for any future visits. You as the parent can be more involved if you prefer and are welcome to have a coffee in our reception area while waiting for your child or be present in the room where appropriate with your child.

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