The gold standard for your child is an orthodontic consultation before age 8Orthodontics

I want to know more about Orthodontics, please!

You may have heard about orthodontic expanders, metal braces, clear aligners and early treatment orthopaedics, but what does it all mean?

Orthodontic treatment is a part of dentistry that focuses on the alignment of the teeth, improving your smile and oral health.

Dentofacial orthopaedics is part of a holistic approach to orthodontic care, to develop the jaws for a good-looking face, create space to prevent crooked teeth and establish optimal breathing and long-term function.

Orthodontics can improve your smile, confidence, bite, speech, breathing and chewing.

What are my orthodontic options?


My child is under 6 years old

Phase 0 Treatment

Your aim is to remove damaging oral habits (thumbsucking, snoring, grinding/bruxism, crossbites) that can cause poor growth and future orthodontic problems. We work closely with ENT doctors, sleep physicians, and speech pathologists to provide comprehensive airway orthodontics for ideal growth.


My child is 7 to 12 years old

Phase 1 Treatment

Your aim with early intervention treatment is to create harmonious top and bottom jaw growth with space for the teeth to grow in straight and avoid tooth extractions or severe orthodontic issues in Phase 2 treatment. We use partial Damon braces, orthodontic expanders, Myobrace and functional appliances (MARA, twin block) to modify facial growth. If Phase 1 treatment has been completed, Phase 2 treatment is often very short or not even needed.


My Teenager is 13+ years old

Phase 2 Treatment

Your aim once all the adult teeth are present is to finalise perfectly straight teeth and a beautiful smile. We use fixed metal braces, dental expanders, and functional appliances (MARA, twin block) or even clear aligners.


I am an adult 18+

Adult Braces

Your aim as an adult could be to receive comprehensive orthodontic care that you missed out on as a child, or a short course of aesthetic treatment to straighten the front teeth. Adult orthodontic treatment is often part of a larger treatment plan combined with veneers, whitening, crowns, bridges and implants for cosmetic dentistry, smile reconstruction/makeovers. We provide a one-stop dentist clinic for all procedures in this type of comprehensive advanced care.


I don’t want metal braces

Clear Aligners

Invisalign or Spark branded clear aligners are an almost invisible alternative to traditional metal braces while still providing equal results. Clear aligners can be used for teenagers or adults.

Orthodontics FAQs

Your first appointment with us could be one of the following depending on your needs:

  1. Smile Assessment / Second Opinion
    a free 10-minute appointment for you to come and meet us
  2. Orthodontic Consultation
    an initial consultation, x-ray and assessment to see if you are ready to begin treatment. $100
  3. Orthodontic Records + Diagnosis
    if you know you are ready to start treatment, this includes: full x-rays, 3D scans, comprehensive treatment options, case presentation and discussion appointments. $300

Dr Jordan has a special interest in orthodontics, especially Phase 1 early treatment and clear aligners. He has travelled for 3 years to Australia to complete his training and has a post-graduate diploma in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics from the City of London Dental School, UK.

At Beyond Dental we are Invisalign and Spark registered clear aligner providers, providing professionally supervised aligner treatments.

We believe in a full-face, holistic approach to orthodontic care, aiming for a beautiful smile, good-looking face with healthy jaws and airway, more than just straight teeth.

If you are unsure about what orthodontic option is the right one for your family, come in and visit us at 07 987 2825

Orthodontic treatment varies based on the individualised treatment plans.

An average Phase 1 treatment is $7000. (Any fees for Phase 2 treatment are reduced to account for Phase 1 treatment completed at our practice).

The fee range for Phase 2 or Adult treatments is $3000 to 9000.

The length of treatment time depends on the individual issues and individual treatment plan that is chosen. An average range is between 12 to 24 months. It can be as little as 6 months, or even longer than 2 years for complex cases.

Orthodontic treatment can cause some mild discomfort especially in the first few days after getting braces. However with soft foods, excellent oral hygiene compliance, recovery and adaptation is rapid. Very occasionally Panadol is required for relief of symptoms.

Our philosophy is primarily non-extraction whenever possible due to the numerous benefits including the overall wellness of the facial function and fullness of the smile.

You wouldn’t cut off 4 toes to fit your child’s feet into smaller shoes, when you could buy bigger shoes.

Are you looking for a second opinion?

The scientific research shows the correct timing of orthodontic treatment to coincide with growth of the child can avoid tooth extractions, avoid orthognathic/dental surgery, reduce treatment time, complexity and costs, while improving results and long-term stability.

The gold standard of care is an orthodontic consultation before age 8.

If your children are older, it is never too late, usually sooner equals more possibilities and better results.

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