Do you want to forget you were ever at the dentist?Dental Sedation

I want to know more about Dental Sedation, please!

Dental Sedation aka IV (intravenous) Sedation is a very safe and effective way to help you relax and feel more comfortable during your dental procedures.

  • Would you like to forget you were ever at the dentist?
  • Are you the 9/10 people who feel anxious or nervous of visiting the dentist?
  • Do you avoid important dental procedures because of fear?
  • Have you had bad dental experiences in the past?

“Sleep Dentistry” as it is often called (due to the dream-like relaxed state you experience) helps immensely if you have dental phobias, anxiety, fear, pronounced gag reflexes, cannot lie still or you have had bad dental experiences in the past.

Medications are carefully administered into your bloodstream to ease your fears and anxieties around visiting the dentist, allowing you to access an optimal level of dental treatments you might otherwise avoid.

It can be used for any or all of your dental treatments. In certain more complex procedures, or for your longer dental appointments, it is often essential.

Dentists in NZ must have undertaken additional training and be registered to provide IV Sedation.

What are the options for dental sedation?


I am looking for the most popular, predictable and highly effective sedation in dentistry

IV Sedation

Dental Sedation FAQs

We are a highly trained team providing this specialised service for our sedated patients.

Dr Jordan is an active member of the NZ Society for Sedation and Anaesthesia in Dentistry, having completed advanced tiers of the training program.

Our nurses are qualified with the NZSSD Monitoring the Sedated Patient qualification and trained in advanced first aid.

Your safe IV sedation for general and advanced dentistry is secure at Beyond Dental.

If you think IV sedation is a good solution for you, give us a call on 07 987 2825

The flat fee for your IV sedation is $500 per visit. This fee is in addition to the other dental procedures performed during the visit (any extractions, implants, crowns etc.)

The effects of IV sedation wear off differently for each patient and vary depending on the length of the procedure and medication used. We ensure you are safely recovered before discharging you from our care. Most patients still feel drowsy for the rest of the day, and experience temporary amnesia. For these reasons you must be driven home and cared for by an adult support person during this time. We provide comprehensive aftercare instructions and post-op support for you.

No, you will not feel pain during the procedures. The sedation medications used provide an analgesic effect to reduce pain and discomfort at the time of treatment, while also speeding up post-op recovery. We also use routine local anesthetics for complete numbing of the appropriate areas during the dental treatment as we always would for an unsedated patient.

No, because of the short-term amnesia almost 100% of our patients have nearly zero memory of their dental visit.

No, but with IV sedation many patients report feeling like they have slept through their entire appointment. With IV sedation while being in a dream-like state you are able to respond to verbal cues from our team and breathe on your own. If you are adamant on general anesthetic which carries its own risks and benefits you must be referred to a hospital setting for care.

Yes, our sedation team is highly trained in administering, monitoring and caring for your wellbeing while you are sedated. We use medications that are proven and modern monitoring equipment equivalent to that used in NZ ambulances and hospitals.

If you are over the age of 15 and in good general health, you are most likely an excellent candidate for IV sedation in dentistry. A comprehensive medical history alongside a clinical examination and discussion will be provided by your dentist at the initial consultation.

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